Wildlife Services

Conserving wildlife is at the core of what we do. Our staff have a range of skills and experience and are able to work with protected species.

sleeping dormouse

KSCP staff have qualifications in habitat management and species survey. We have specific expertise in surveys for water voles and white clawed crayfish and licenses to survey for dormice.

We have been working with farmers, community groups, Parish Councils, local authorities, companies and developers since 1992 to improve the Stour Valley for people and wildlife.

With our range of services we are able to identify biodiversity opportunities through reports and plans, find funding, and deliver improvements on the ground. We work with a wide range of partners in East Kent. We run volunteer and community projects but also employ a range of contractors to deliver large-scale projects.

We have extensive knowledge of our area of East Kent.

We are a not for profit organisation but have to cover our costs.

Example project:
Willesborough Dykes Dormouse Project




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