For landowners

It’s vital for us to work with farmers and other landowners across our Partnership area if we are to conserve wildlife and habitats in the wider landscape and not just in protected sites.

KSCP Officer advising landowners

KSCP are a not for profit organisation, but have to cover costs and we:

  • have been working with farmers in east Kent since 1992
  • have delivered about half of all the old Countryside Stewardship Schemes in our area for farmers and landowners
  • staff have knowledge, skills and qualifications in habitat creation and management
  • have extensive knowledge of our area of east Kent
  • identify biodiversity opportunities
  • produce reports and plans
  • run a digital mapping system
  • find funding
  • deliver on the ground improvements
  • work with a wide range of agencies in east Kent, and
  • offer a free initial site advisory visit and short report for landowners who are interested in improving the management of their land for wildlife.

Examples of our work:
Seaton River Restoration
Woodland Biodiversity Project
See more in our Project portfolio


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