Train Rides to Ramble

Train Rides to Ramble – Individual Maps

If you are just interested in a single walk from one of our Train Rides to Ramble booklets, without the walk guide which features in the full booklet, the individual route maps of each walk can be downloaded below.

Ashford Area Route Maps:

Charing railway station.

Charing Walk 1          Charing Walk 2

Charing Walk 3          Charing Walk 4

Chilham railway station.

Chilham Walk 1          Chilham Walk 2

Chilham Walk 4

Walk 3  ‘Around the Lake’ has been removed due to access issues. The southern path on this walk ( marked ‘2’ on map) was originally permissive only and is now closed.

Pluckley railway station.

Pluckley Walk 1          Pluckley Walk 2

Pluckley Walk 3          Pluckley Walk 4

Wye railway station.

Wye Walk 1                  Wye Walk 2

Wye Walk 3                   Wye Walk 4


Canterbury Area Route Maps:

Bekesbourne railway station.

Bekesbourne Walk 1      Bekesbourne Walk 2

Bekesbourne Walk 3

Chartham railway station.

Chartham Walk 1      Chartham Walk 2

Chartham Walk 3      Chartham Walk 4

Grove Ferry Picnic Site.

Grove Ferry Walk 1      Grove Ferry Walk 2

Sturry railway station.

Sturry Walk 1       Sturry Walk 2

Sturry Walk 3      Sturry Walk 4

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