Publications For Landowners

Water Voles – a Guide for Landowners in the Lower Stour Valley

A free downloadable guide are designed to help landowners manage their land with water voles in mind, looking at why the Lower Stour is important for this protected species, how to manage ditches to benefit them and what grants are available.

Water Voles; a guide for Landowners in the Lower Stour Valley

Water vole

Barn Owls – How you can help them

A free downloadable guide about this well-loved species. It covers signs that barn owls are present, habitat requirements, and how best to locate nest boxes.

Barn Owls; how can you help them?

barn owl in flight

Don’t Block the Flow

A free downloadable leaflet about the issue of flooding caused by waste dumped in drainage ditches. It also covers the rights and responsibilities of householders and landowners with watercourses passing through or adjacent to their land, and invasive species.

Don’t Block the Flow leaflet

Don't block the flow leaflet

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