River cleans

Join our amazing team of volunteers to help clean up the River Stour!

Our Stour river clean volunteers

Over the last few years Our Stour litter pick volunteers have worked hard to remove the equivalent of over 500 bags of rubbish from in or around the Great Stour. During the summer, when river conditions allow, we work in the river itself and during the winter our cleans focus solely on the riverbanks, aiming to prevent rubbish from entering the river. You never know quite what you will discover on a River Stour clean – we’ve removed numerous bikes, traffic cones, and shopping trolleys, as well as more unusual items such as car bumpers, spades and even a kitchen sink! This is alongside thousands of pieces of street litter – bottles, cans, food wrappers etc.

We lead regular cleans in Ashford and Canterbury, with additional cleans at other locations (Wye, Stodmarsh, Grove Ferry) throughout the year. If you are interested in volunteering with us on our river cleans please email kentishstour@kent.gov.uk

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