Action to Help the Stour Valley

We all live busy lives, but there are many small things we could all do that can go towards helping, protecting and improving our local green spaces and natural environments in the Stour Valley.

Action to help reduce pollution

  • Buy local produce
  • Use material from more sustainable systems e.g. reduce use of plastics and use hardwoods, glass, cotton, wool
  • Buy environmentally friendly products
  • Save energy and water
  • Only use your car when you have to
  • Re-use and recycle material and compost organic matter
  • Buy less packaged material
  • Dispose of waste appropriately

To report pollution, call the Environment Agency incident hotline: 0800 80 70 60 or visit their website

To report fly tipping, contact your local council.

Action to help woodlands

  • Buy Kent produced charcoal
  • Buy home grown timber
  • Buy Sweet Chestnut, Oak and Hazel hurdles for fencing
  • Use locally cut pea and bean sticks for gardens and allotments.

Action to help wildlife on farms

  • Buy organic and environmentally friendly food.
  • Encourage all landowners to farm with environmentally friendly systems.


Action to help wildlife close to home

  • Take part in the community purchase, lease and management of green spaces e.g. community woods, orchards, meadows
  • Encourage other conservation projects such as planting, pond creation etc

Support environmental organisations

  • Volunteer for, become a member of, or support environmental/countryside organisations


  • Help support our work to conserve the countryside of the Stour Valley by donating to KSCP. Please contact us.

Take Action!


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