Countryside Products Guide

Welcome to the online edition of the Stour Valley Countryside Products Guide.

By choosing to buy from producers in this guide, you are helping to sustain local landscapes, wildlife habitats and rural economies. Sustainable production fulfills today’s needs without compromising those of future generations, economically, socially or environmentally.

Buying locally;

  • reduces pollution created by transporting goods and traveling to out of town shops.
  • reduces the amount of packaging, thus saving resources, reducing pollution and waste.
  • supports the local rural economy.maintains employment.
  • gives the consumer the chance to learn about production methods thus increasing mutual understanding, trust and support.

This guide is divided into categories of producer to make locating them easier. Within some categories there is a link to a feature explaining how a particular producer is sustainable. We have not included all shops which sell local produce but please do ask for local produce when you are shopping.

A seasonal calendar is included – shopping locally and sustainably means buying seasonally. Many people have lost the sense of season – eating strawberries at Christmas has become normal. By returning to locally available produce the pleasure of anticipating the new seasons and their new tastes can be enjoyed. Another way of ensuring seasonality is to grow produce yourself in the garden or on an allotment.

Part 1; The Farmed Landscape

Part 2; Food and Drink directory

Part 3; Seasonal Calendar

Part 4; Wood and Timber

Part 5; Timber Products Directory

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