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Wild Sites on Your Doorstep was all about exploring and enjoying wild places close to where you live. We used photography, art and creative writing to help people discover the fantastic landscapes and special wildlife of the Stour Valley, providing workshops for local communities at sites all over our Partnership area.

The pictures and words produced have been used to create a full colour guidebook (see below) which features 43 sites that reflect the variety of places to explore in the countryside of the Stour Valley. They range from large national nature reserves to small community sites, from green spaces in urban settings to picturesque spots in some of the remotest parts of the Kent Downs.

The project has now ended and there are no more activities. The project was run by the Kentish Stour Countryside Partnership, funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund and Kent County Council.

Hoverfly by Alan Britton

Wild Sites Guide

The guide highlights the wildlife that can be seen at individual sites, and contains colour photographs of species and landscapes throughout. In addition there is background information on the habitats featured and on how to get to the sites.

Wild Sites Booklet

We hope that this booklet will help people, including those with disabilities, to gain access to wildlife sites. It includes information on buses and trains, cycle routes and disabled facilities. There is a map including all sites and their post codes and parking.

The images also featured in two exhibitions.


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