Seaton River Restoration

A stretch of the Little Stour River at Seaton, near Wickhambreaux.

October 2016.

The aim was to restore this stretch of river by changing the profile of the river bed and banks. Using a mechanical excavator we dug a series of pools into the river bed and placed the gravel which was removed onto the edges of the river. This created a narrower, deeper, winding channel during summer when the water level is low. We also fenced the river banks to prevent cattle grazing and made repairs to a flood defence bund.

Passage will become easier for fish and a more varied habitat will develop for all aquatic wildlife. Deeper water will also be cooler in the hotter temperatures expected with climate change over the coming decades. Fencing will allow wild plants to grow in the water and on the banks, providing better habitat for wildlife – fringing plants, for example, are a refuge for juvenile fish. Repairs to the bund will better manage flood risk in this locality.

This project was funded by the Environment Agency with the support of the local landowners.

For further information you can download the Seaton River Restoration leaflet (PDF 2.4MB)

The video below is drone footage of the river shortly after work was completed.


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