Yellow Fish Workshop

The Yellow Fish Workshop!
Wow ! – what a fantastic activity filled morning we had. ☺️

The workshop started off with the children learning about the course of the Stour and the wildlife that can be found in or around the Stour. We then moved onto the topic of pollution and the different types linked to the Stour.

After familiarizing ourselves with what items could be recycled we went for a walk to Singleton Lake. Along the way we collected lots of litter sorting it into recyclable or non-recyclable. At the lake, Friends of Singleton Lake discussed what food we should be giving ducks and we tried to entice some over with our duck buffet….unfortunately they were not interested though!

When we returned back to the Riverside Centre, Southern Water provided us with a brilliant presentation on waste and what we should and shouldn’t be putting down the toilet or sink drain.
Finally we created our own yellow fish and river banks!

A very busy day and judging by the ‘I now know’ children , the group have taken a lot of the information on board!
Huge thank you to all who came along and to Friends of Singleton Lake, Southern Water and Environment Agency for their support with this event.
And remember:
– Only flush the 3 P’s -pee, poo and paper!?
– Only rain down the drain!?



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