This is Our Stour!

Last April, we took to the water at Grove Ferry to clean up our beautiful River Stour.

We spent 3.5 hours on the river and managed to remove 8.5 bags of rubbish from a 2-mile stretch. 153 plastic bottles, 25 glass bottles and 24 cans were removed alongside a variety of other objects (full list can be found below). Whilst it was satisfying to know we have removed such a large quantity of rubbish…this is only a fragment of what is out there. We could see plenty more, but were unable to reach it from the boat!

Thank you to Grove Ferry River Trips for allowing us to use the “Ellen Mary” for our clean up and to the “Our Stour river wardens for their help!

Breakdown of river “finds”-plenty more but just couldn’t reach it from the boat!

153 plastic bottles

25 glass bottles

24 drinks cans

16 sport balls

15 cigarette lighters

4 gas cannisters

3 buckets

3 lightbulbs

2 flip flops

2 inhalers

1 battery

1 Asda basket

1 plastic duck

1 plastic flamingo

1 traffic cone

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