Smeeth Primary School new pond!

Ponds are an incredibly important habitat, supporting a range of life from amphibians and reptiles to plants and insects as well as providing valuable watering facilities for small mammals and birds.

All of this ‘wild’ life provides a huge range of teaching opportunities for children. This includes  science and life cycles, seasonal changes and opportunities to teach safety and respect in the natural world. When Smeeth Community Primary School wanted to restore their old pond, the KSCP were delighted to help.

With support from Councillor Clair Bell, the school were able to buy a new liner and root barrier to protect the new pond. The KSCP volunteers worked very hard to clear the old pond liner and replace it  with new underlay protection and liner.

Now full of water, smooth newts, toads and frogs can look forward to waking up next spring after their winter hibernation to find their new home rejuvenated.

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