Riverside restoration in Canterbury

We had a good time working at Kingsmead, central Canterbury, over the last 2 Thursdays.  Our volunteers sowed grass seed and planted ivy along the riverside near Sainsbury’s. The first stage was to break up the bare, compacted soil – it was hard work, but the sun shone and lots of passersby stopped to chat about what we were up to. A motorised rotorvator made the job a little easier the second week! We also fenced along the whole length with chestnut paling. For those concerned about accessing the river, never fear, the fencing will only be there while the plants establish.

We will be carrying out many more projects over the coming months to improve the river and its surroundings for both people and wildlife in Canterbury. Look out for us in Westgate Gardens on Thursday 28th Apr, 5th May and 12th May.


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