A big river clean up at the Stour & Civic Centre, Ashford

Yesterday was a huge team effort from Natural England staff, KSCP volunteers and members of the local community to clean up the rivers around the Stour Centre/Civic Centre in Ashford.

24 bags of rubbish and 23 large items (bikes/scooters/road signs/barriers etc)were removed. We even removed a motorbike.

**if you see any motorbikes or other items which might leak oil please contact the Environment Agency asap 0800 80 70 60.

Our efforts on this litter pick have been covered by Kentish Express https://www.kentonline.co.uk/…/motorbike-pulled-from…/

However, whilst we don’t think the river is ‘disgusting’ and ‘neglected’, we do agree the river doesn’t look its best when it is full of litter.

We try our best to remove as much rubbish as we can,  & we cover the whole of the Stour Catchment. Of course can’t be everywhere all the time removing rubbish.

We are SO grateful for all the volunteers who come and help us clean up the Stour- if you would like to join us please email kentishstour@kent.gov.uk

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