Long Rock and Swalecliffe Brook


Long Rock, located between Whitstable and Herne Bay, is part of an internationally important coastal area, Thanet Coast and Sandwich Bay. Swalecliffe Brook flows from the Blean Woods through Long Rock to the sea.


At Long Rock we created two scrapes (shallow wet areas) for birds, of 0.2 and 0.3 hectares in size. We used excavators to dig the scrapes, piling the spoil around them to form protective bunds. Public use of the site has been disturbing ground nesting and over-wintering birds, and water vole, so we installed information panels to make people aware of how valuable Long Rock is and how they can help. In future we hope to realign footpaths to reduce disturbance further.

The scrapes will provide new habitat for breeding and wintering birds, we hope they will also deter people from walking across areas where they could disturb birds and trample scarce plants in the grassland. We hope that greater awareness of the value of the site and the impact that dogs and activities like kite surfing can have will lead to changes in visitor behaviour.

Southern Water (funding) and Canterbury City Council.


Long Rock information panel (PDF 4MB)

Long Rock water vole panel (PDF 895KB)

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