KSCP deliver a suite of landscape management advice

KSCP deliver a suite of landscape management advice to help landowners achieve the best from their land, both in terms of biodiversity gain and personal enjoyment. This autumn we worked with contractor @Jonathan Phillips – Land & Estate Solutions on a new woodland site at the foot of the North Downs.
A woodland glade was cut and cleared to promote the growth of wild flowers. Removal of the cut grass reduces nutrients returning to the soil and encourages less dominant wild flower species to colonise.
Woodland glades are important features in a woodland, providing flight pathways for native bat species and sunny areas for woodland butterfly species, such as brimstone and speckled wood to forage for nectar. Woodland edges are particularly important for rare mammals such as the hazel dormouse too. These nocturnal beauties feast of berries, nuts and insects.
If you would like advice on how to plant or manage a woodland please get in touch.

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