Kingsnorth ponds and scrapes

Land between the village of Kingsnorth and Park Farm, Ashford

Winter 2010/11

As Ashford expands, so increases the potential impact of urban development on existing villages close to the town. To reduce the negative effects of urban growth on Kingsnorth, a ‘buffer zone’ of undeveloped land has been left between the village and the new urban developments of Park Farm. This has created opportunities for habitat creation. We created six ponds and three scrapes (shallow wet areas). The work was carried out by contractors. These new wetland features and the fields around them are grazed by a tenant farmer. The area has been further enhanced by an orchard, planted by Ashford Borough Council. There is public access across most of the site. We also manage a small area of scrub for reptiles.

The buffer zone as a whole reduces the landscape, noise and general urbanisation impacts on Kingsnorth as well as creating a new space for wildlife. The ponds will be habitats for aquatic birds, plants and insects and breeding sites for amphibians. The scrapes will also benefit these groups but are particularly aimed at providing over-wintering habitat for declining wading birds such as snipe, which has taken up residence in good numbers. People living close to this area will benefit from public access to a new greenspace on their doorsteps and the enjoyment of wildlife.

Ashford Borough Council (landowner), Natural England, Kingsnorth Parish Council.


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