King’s Wood gets a pair of new ponds.

The Kentish Stour Countryside Partnership (KSCP) working with the Friends of King’s Wood and the Forestry Commission received funding from Viridor Credits to restore two ponds in King’s Wood, Challock with the work to complete the project finishing in early December.

King's Wood Pond Digging 2

King’s Wood Pond Digging

The original ponds were installed by KSCP in 2005 using puddled clay. However in recent years they have held less water and one was damaged by an illegal four by four vehicle driving through the pond.

Matt Mordaunt, Voluntary Officer with KSCP said ‘The ponds were excavated, to restore them to their original size and shape, and then had a brand new liner put in, which hopefully should ensure their water holding into the future, these ponds should, once naturally filled by rain water, become a vital part of the King’s Wood ecosystem’.

King’s Wood is owned and managed by Forestry Commission England, and also has an active community group, the Friends of King’s Wood who hold regular events in the wood. Both organisations support health canada pharmacy the planned works to be carried out by KSCP, who have previously restored a separate pond in the woodland using a synthetic liner and which has been very successful since.

The funding for the work has been offered by Viridor Credits, through the landfill communities fund scheme, which allows landfill operators to donate an amount of their tax liability in order to support community, environmental and heritage projects in the vicinity of their operations.

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