Kentish Stour webinar Series

How much do you know about the River Stour?

Do you know its course from source to mouth? Do you know about the huge diversity of wildlife including some rare and protected species, which call the Stour home? Are you aware of the threats the Stour faces every day and more importantly the actions we can all take to protect this beautiful river?

Kentish Stour Countryside Partnership is hosting a series of free online talks in late January/early February covering a variety of topics relating to the River Stour.

Further information as well as dates and times can be found below.  Tickets can be booked by following the links under each listed talk. Tickets are sold individually for each talk.

From Source to Sea- Part 1.    Tuesday 19th January. 7pm

Learn about the course of the River Stour specifically the upper course down to Chilham. We will cover the history, key landmarks and work of Kentish Stour and other organisations to protect and enhance the river.
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From Source to Sea- Part 2.    Tuesday 26th January. 7

We will continue our journey down river from Chartham to the mouth at Pegwell Bay. Once again looking at the history, key landmarks and work of organisations such as Kentish Stour in protecting and enhancing the Stour.

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Wildlife of the Stour.    Tuesday 2nd February. 7pm

The Stour is home to a HUGE diversity of wildlife including several rare species. From birds to dragonflies, otters to white clawed crayfish we will discuss as many as we can!

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S.O.S- Save Our Stour.    Tuesday 9th February. 7pm

Like all rivers across England, the Stour has failed water quality tests and litter is a regular eyesore. Join us to learn how YOU can make a difference because together we can improve the watercourses of the Stour catchment.

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