Ideas for Outdoors Learning at Home

With schools closed for the foreseeable future, our children will looking for interesting activities to fill their days, keep them occupied and inspire learning. While always keeping in mind the importance of safety and welfare amid covid-19, there are lots of opportunities for learning.

With spring in the air and new flowers such as primrose and wood anemone emerging, take some time to watch out for the new queen bumblebees looking for nest sites. To explore and learn about bees and pollination visit

Getting crafty with natural materials is also a great way to investigate the living world and habitats. Searching for leaves, twigs, clay to build animals- identify that insects have 6 legs. Discuss how important insects are in the food chain.

Explore your local stream/river and talk about what you can see. What is a meander? Is there litter in the stream and what damage could that cause to the wildlife? Can you see any erosion/deposition? Is there bank vegetation? Where does it flow fastest? Construct a raft with sticks and twine.

Building maths into the day by measuring the area of your garden, the circumference of a tree or how many worms in a 10 x 10 x 10 cm pit if you fancy getting your hands in the soil. This can then be multiplied to estimate how many worms you have in the garden. Worms

The living world provides a host of opportunities for learning. Please be conscious of the environment and avoid using glitter, plastic googly eyes or any other small plastics which can harm the environmentare great and very important, trust me!

Let nature inspire your creativity! Take care everyone. KSCP Team.

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