Great British September Clean

A total of 20 sacks of rubbish plus numerous large items have been removed from stretches of the Stour in Ashford and Canterbury by amazing Our Stour river wardens.

310m of river and riverbanks in Canterbury (Miller’s Field, North Lane & Abbots Mill) produced 155 cigarette butts, 120 glass bottles, 50 food wrappers, 3 disposable BBQs and much much more.

180m in Ashford (by train stations) produced 140 food wrappers, 64 drinks cans, 9 face masks, 6 traffic cones, 3 scooters, a scary doll and much more.

The saddest part was the amount of bins available for people to use right next to the river.

#KeepBritainTidy #GreatBritishSeptemberClean

Canterbury City Council

Ashford Borough Council

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