Canterbury Riverside – Sainsbury’s

Banks of the Great Stour near Sainsbury’s and the coach park.

April 2016.

The aim was to improve the visual amenity of this stretch of river bank where vegetation was being eroded by trampling.

We started by thinning trees, especially sycamore to allow more light to reach the river bank and river and encourage river and bankside plant establishment. We then rotovated the compacted soil to break it up, and seeded it with a hardy species of grass suited to the location. We also planted some ivy. Chestnut paling was erected to protect the seedlings while they established. The new grass was mown to improve the sward.

The benefits of this project are mostly visual amenity improvements for visitors and local people walking along the riverside. The planting will also help stabilise the river bank. Ivy flowers are a nectar source for insects.

This project was funded by the Environment Agency, with the support of Canterbury City Council and Friend of Canterbury Riverside.

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