AquaLab at Kingsmead Field

On Saturday Our Stour, Friends of Kingsmead Field and St Stephens Residents Association joined forces to host an AquaLab session on Kingsmead field, and what a fantastic time we had!
We started off down by the river seeing what river creatures we could find. Mayfly nymphs and freshwater shrimps were plentiful and a bullhead fish and a greater water boatman made an appearance. We then headed back to the AquaLab van where the group had the opportunity to learn more about the wildlife found on the Stour at Kingsmead Field as well as take part in some craft activities. Many children made their own case caddis from natural material found around the field whilst others made their own river bank scenes.

A huge thank you to everyone who came along and joined us and to Beverley, Sian and Simon for some lovely photos!

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