A team effort collects 87 bags of litter from the Stour!

87 bags of rubbish removed from our beautiful river!
Amazing KSCP volunteers, Our Stour river wardens and local residents joined forces yesterday to clear the river and riverbanks from Conningbrook down to Wye. Covering a 2mile stretch and working from 2 separate starting points, eventually meeting in the middle, 87 bags of rubbish were removed plus 14 traffic cones, 7 bike tyres, 2 large rolls of plastic wrapping, 2 fire extinguishers and much more.
The majority of the waste collected was drinks containers; we estimate that each bag had approximately 50 plastic bottles/glass bottles/cans in which means volunteers removed a whopping 4000+ drinks containers from the river and riverbanks. 4000+ items which could have gone into a deposit returned scheme- a scheme the government agreed to in 2018 but have delayed until 2024….?
Sadly there was still a lot that we didn’t collect (inaccessible/hidden under growing vegetation etc) but we hope to return again in autumn/winter to complete another clean.
A huge thank you to all the volunteers that came to help us!! Thank you also to Ashford Borough Council for providing us with additional equipment and organising collection of the rubbish.
*Volunteers worked in socially distanced groups of 6 or less with each group on a different section of riverbank. The group photo was taken where volunteers met in the middle and remained socially distanced for the photo.

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