East Kent Sustainable Farming Group successfully launched

East Kent Sustainable farming group ( EKFSG) was launched in March.
At the launch event 8th March, the group was introduced to the prime objective of reducing phosphate levels in the River Stour and its tributaries.
Looking at this from the perspective of landscape scale farming, the idea put forward is to create a farm cluster working sustainably to protect natural resources whilst maintaining robust farming businesses on a landscape scale.
The EKSFG is targeted at farmers on the Upper Stour, Aylesford Stream and East Stour. At the initial launch new members tried kick sampling technique – a method of collecting water samples and identifying what species were present in the sample. The invertebrates provide a gauge to the health of a river.
A second EKSFG meeting, April 30th focussed on pollinators and their place within the farming system. Pollinating insects provide a vital role in the production of fruit and crops, including peas beans and potatoes. Wind pollinated crops such as oil see drape yields can increase by 27% with the help of insect pollinators. An informative presentation was delivered by Laurie Jackson – the farm wildlife advisor from Buglife.
The presentation was held at Field Farm, Egerton by kind permission of William Alexander.

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